Paint Selection

Our house needed to be painted. It had been about seven years since the last time we had the house done. We chose to paint the main floor and hallways, as they were the rooms with the most traffic and wear and tear. We wanted to bring color into the rooms, but didn'’t know where to begin. Shani and Jane came up with creative and fresh ideas to work with the furniture and pictures we have. They rearranged our furniture and accessories to best fit our space and also re-hung all of our artwork so that it really stood out. It was a pleasure working with Shani and Jane. We are proud of our home and look forward to inviting guests over. Before, we had a nice, comfortable house. Now we have a home! 


JoAnne N.


My husband and I would soon be moving into a new home that we would have to share with my aging parents. We needed to sell our home quickly, so our Realtor recommended Shani and Jane to do a staging for us. Since we're both pretty handy, we opted for a Home Staging Report. The report was extremely detailed and thereby easy for us to follow. The result was fantastic. One of my students saw the home after we'd followed the report and said, "Wow, you should have done this a long time ago." We couldn't agree more! After we move, we plan to call Shani and Jane and have them help us blend two households. 


Julie & Mark W.

I called SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN because I wanted my home taken to that next level. I knew it was missing that "wow" factor. What really captured my attention was hearing that Shani and Jane would use as much of my furniture, art and accessories as they could. This really appealed to me. They re-designed several rooms, created an amazing family photo hall gallery while saving me thousands of dollars on frames. They even selected wonderful new pieces of furniture that complimented what I already owned. I love the look and how well it reflects my lifestyle. 


Marc P.




I truly believed that we had to move because our home was not functioning properly. I was ready to call a Realtor to put our house up for sale when I decided to call Shani and Jane to see if there was a way to stay. I was a bit skeptical that anything would help, but after seeing what Shani and Jane accomplished, I was completely awed. They totally transform-ed the living room. I love it now and it finally works for our family. Because of their amazing re-design, we decided to re-do our kitchen as well. 


I needed help in choosing finishes for our new kitchen and knew right away to call Shani and Jane. They came in for a color consultation and helped to narrow down my choices to the colors they felt would look great in the kitchen. They were right and it’s just what we wanted. 


Barbara G.



Staging to Sell
Living Room and Kitchen
The WOW Factor
Home Staging
Office re-Design

I had to sell my home quickly. I was overwhelmed by how much needed to be done and I was on a very tight budget. After several months of nothing happening, I decided to try staging it with SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN. Shani and Jane came in and very professionally and diplomatically gave me practical suggestions. The feedback from the Realtor after an open house was overwhelmingly positive. I strongly recommend SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN. Staging my home made all the difference in the world. So much so, that a couple who had seen the house before it was staged and didn't make an offer, were convinced to return by their Realtor. After they came back, they quickly made an offer and I sold my house! 


Cynthia L.



As a psychologist, I felt my office did not reflect the correct 

ambience for my work with clients. I contacted SHANI & JANE 

re-DESIGN for a consultation.I appreciated their professional- ism and unerring eye for detail. They gave me suggestions for using what I already had, as well as ideas for purchasing select new pieces. The effect was perfect. 


Judith C.



Living Room and Dining Room
Realtor Raving

I called SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN because I needed help selecting a new carpet and window treatments for my living room and dining room. They were not only efficient, but came up with wonderful ideas. Both rooms look gracious, inviting and pulled together. 


Bonnie J.




As a Realtor, I have used their services to help me market my listings. They are able to get involved as a third party in order to advise my clients on how to arrange and utilize the furniture in their home, as well as removing clutter and reorganizing to make it more appealing and inviting. They also provide their services in a very professional way. Their Home Staging Reports detail each room and how it should be changed or polished to get the maximum use out of it. 


I highly recommend SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN for all of your home re-design needs. I’ve even used their services when selling my own townhome!  


Salmah T.


Detailed Plan of Action
Effective Use of Space

Consulting with SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN was the jumpstart I needed to make the necessary changes to my living and dining rooms. I'd been putting off this project for too long, as I wasn't sure which direction to go in. Once they saw the space, they gave me a detailed plan-of-action that I could implement myself. Their sense of design and understanding of what I wanted to achieve was great. I was thrilled with the results. I now have a more sophisticated home in which to relax and entertain guests. 


Chuck K.





I not only work out of my home, but have three active, young children as well. I didn't feel that I had enough space for all of the various functions I needed my home to perform. The task ahead of me felt overwhelming, so I contacted SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN for help. As soon as they came and reviewed my needs, I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. They assessed all of my various needs, evaluated the space and showed me how to more effectively utilize what I already had. I was simply amazed at how they resolved so many of my design challenges. They made me realize that I did in fact have more than enough room for everything I needed to work, live and entertain. 


Lauren P.





Home Staging Consult
Multiple Rooms

Shani Abrams and Jane Berlowe of SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN prepared a Home Staging Consultation Report for my clients. Shani and Jane met with my clients and toured their home. The Home Staging Consultation Report they prepared was very detailed and easy to comprehend. Suggestions were made for each room and while easy for my clients to follow, resulted in a great improvement in the appearance of the home. Suggestions were also made for the exterior of the home. The appearance of the home is so important, especially in a buyers' market. I will suggest that future clients utilize the services of SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN. Shani and Jane were pleasant to work with and very professional in their interactions with my clients and myself. 


Joanne Z.






We cannot thank you enough for your expert advice and service. We love our new entryway, living room and dining room. Guests walk in and are so amazed at the changes. You did such a fantastic job of helping us redecorate at in an affordable fashion. The paint colors you selected are warm and homey, and I never would have come up with such incredible color combinations on my own. Our furniture arrangement is much more workable and attractive, and our walls and wall hangings have never looked more beautiful. Your help and support were invaluable when there were glitches with the paint store's tones for one wall color. Thank you for all of your help. I never would have dreamed I would have been able to totally redo these rooms so beautifully! At least once a week, I literally walk out of my house so I can walk back in and take in the dramatic changes! Thank you for working with me on re-designing our rooms so we can enjoy 

them for years to come! 


Renee & Seth R.






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