Why do you feel there is a need for your re-design services?

Shani: I believe that the quality of one's life is influenced by his or her environment. Many times people realize that they need to make a change with either the aesthetics or function of a space and oftentimes with both. Re-design allows us to creatively and economically transform homes or offices, thereby providing our clients with effective solutions that make a difference. 

Why are people turning to home re-design and staging?

Jane: We find that people who want to make changes in their homes, but aren't willing or able to spend thousands of dollars to do so, are open to the idea of enhancing their space by using what they already own. With regard to staging, people know they need to make their home stand out in order to sell, especially in today's tight real estate market. Once they realize that it's less expensive to stage a home than it is to have to drop the price by tens of thousands of dollars, they are more open to the idea of having their home professionally staged.      

What excites you most about your business?

Shani: I love that the "puzzle" pieces are different in each home . . . the people, the space, the room layout, the furniture. I enjoy the challenge and excitement of using different elements and seeing how they make such a difference in the room. Working on a job and seeing it flow and come together is a fantastic feeling.  


Jane: For me, it's being able to create and implement such profound changes in a person's home or office and then seeing the response it elicits. The thrill of finding something in one room (where it's not working) and placing it in another (where it works perfectly) excites me each and every time.

What is re-design?

Shani: Re-design is the process of listening to and identifying the client's needs, wants and visions and then incorporating that into re-designed interiors. By "shopping the home" to find the appropriate pieces and using the furniture, art and accessories that people already own, we are then able to transform their environment so that it reflects their tastes and lifestyle. Re-design is a small investment that yields an enormous difference in the way one lives, feels and functions in their environment. 


What makes SHANI and JANE re-DESIGN unique?

Jane: I believe that it's our life experiences, natural interior design talents and the genuine passion we share for what we do that makes SHANI & JANE re-DESIGN unique.  At very early ages, both Shani and I were exposed to the arts. We followed our hearts, were guided by excellent mentors and truly understand the importance and value of re-design. Not only do we have the experience and skill, but we know how to listen. Our work reflects our clients' visions, personalities and lifestyle.    


Shani: We make an excellent team. Our clients benefit from our unique strengths, years of experience and the way in which our re-design ideas and concepts complement one another. We truly love what we do and we bring passion, creativity and energy to every single job.

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